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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Your live experience?

I want to get some stories going here.
Tell me about your live music experiences. Let me know the funny shit or the brutal shit that happens when your moshing or Getting involved to your favorite bands whilst they perform in front of you.
I personally have a lot of stories but the top 3 are

1. Me and a mate checked out Non-point at sound wave. We found ourselves in a circle pit. i turned around to say "these guys are alright" to my mate just as an elbow flew out of nowhere and hit him in the face.. was great
2. During Rob Zombie some cunt stole my shoe.. Then the guy next to him threw it back to me.. i got out of the pit by crowd surfing.. put my shoe back on and had Rob Zombie point me out. he said "I see some familiar faces around here.. i know... her .. and her.. and her... who the fuck is that guy?" and points at me.
3.Ill Nino was "Slayed" off stage by anxious slayer fans awaiting Slayers appearance.. Ill Nino had money thrown at them.. they were drowned out by slayer chants and i even exchanged the "bird" with the lead singer.

Slayer pit from soundwave 11


JCF said...

What you mean by "exchange the bird" ?
1. Hammerfall concert. I was late cuz I met another drunk fuck and we talked. Then I was like "what time is it? Wanna see HF" "me2 FUCK WE'RE LATE" then we ran to the festivalground, passed security checks and made our way to the first quarter. Epic concert <3
2. Killswitchengage concert. Circlepit opens. I run and push some ppl. Then take my rest in the mid till a small japanese longhaired guy comes and pushes me. (I'm 6,4") I wondered, laughed, ran for him smacked him down and got back in the mid
3. Kassierer Concert. We stand there in a very very hot tent, listen to this sick music then suddenly naked crowdsurfers 2m beside me. Girls showin their tits and many more weird stuff

A-Commane said...

Thats awesome man! sounds like u had a fucken sick time..
i ment that i looked him in the eyes. flipped him off.. he did the same back