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Saturday, 2 July 2011

5 Dubstep songs we party 2

1. the most obvious. The most mainstream and the most danced and listened to dubstep track at any party I've been 2. this never fails to make an appearance
SKRILLEX - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

2.When Love Goes Down - Plan B - doctor P. This doesnt get played as much as other pieces but it never fails to form some sweet skank circle

3.Bass Canon - Flux Pavilion This is played when an amazing sub woofer is present

4. J Rabbit and Tremourz - Sexy Party This Generally makes the appearance when a certain mate is present

5.Kill Everybody - Skrillex This always makes the night as it sends myself and my mates into absolute Skank nirvana

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Blankets? WTF!?

Okay i promised an Emmure Review. Not yet sorry.
More important issue arose as of late. It concerns the school in which i attend
Greensborough College. So.. Recently in the news there has been complaints about the school being 2 cold
and that students are now aloud to bring blankets to school when there are power outages as some form of publicity for the schools absolutely terrible condition.
Our principle. Conway. Is finally getting the attention he needs/deserves to improve our school and his work place.
Our school is now viewed as "soft cocks"
The picture in the herald sun also featured my bands drummer. a very sexy student who because of this picture received  very serious criticism for his young like appearance. Despite the websites policy to "Moderate Attacks" these comments have made the way upon the comment board. Hurting the feelings of this poor dude. Even worse. i cant even comment on the article saying anything based on my opinion. completely attack free and simply helping the articles discussion because they have been moderated out. so there is absolutely nothing i can do and its the Herald Suns Fault!