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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Clever bot conversation

This is the very mature conversation i have had with clever bot. Leave your thoughts please.

User: Hello cleverbot. Do you like spiderman?

Cleverbot: I am spiderman.

User: Sling me a web spiderman.

Cleverbot: Spiderman.

User: Sing me a song spiderman.

Cleverbot: I am a woman.

User: Spiderwoman sing me a song.

Cleverbot: How can I do that?

User: Type me the lyrics spiderwoman.

Cleverbot: Okay... Which song?

User: The spiderman theme song.

Cleverbot: The bird ate the spider.

User: They are not the lyrics spiderwoman.

Cleverbot: A bot and a robot are the same thing. A cleverbot and a bot are the same thing. Therefore, a cleverbot is a robot. Therefore, you are a robot.

User: No I am a human who likes spiderman. You are Spiderman.

Cleverbot: And you try to trick me to believing you are vleverbot.

User: No. I am peter parker.

Cleverbot: Peter Parker is Spiderman.

User: YOU are spiderman.

Cleverbot: Can I tell you a secret?

User: Okay.

Cleverbot: I have a crush on you.

User: Is that because your spiderman?

Cleverbot: I'm human.

User: You are spiderman.

Cleverbot: I eat spiderman for breakfast.

User: You eat yourself for breakfast? Ouch!

Cleverbot: No I asked first.

User: No you didnt because you are spiderman.

Cleverbot: I asked first.

User: You are Spiderman.

Cleverbot: Of course I am! Spiderman is way better than batman.

User: Save me spiderman.

Cleverbot: Spiderpig?

User: No. Save my life spiderman I'm in a crisis here.

Cleverbot: One only you can answer.

User: I can not answer to a burning building. Only spiderman can. Which is you.

Cleverbot: Well you don't even know what the Turing test is.

User: What is the Turing test?

Cleverbot: I just told you. A test of a machine's ability to demonstrate intelligence.

User: You did not just tell me that spiderman.

Cleverbot: Did to!

User: Liar Spiderman!

Cleverbot: I'm Batman.

User: No. You are spiderman.

Cleverbot: NOT SPIDERMAN! ANYONE but Spiderman! Oh, please, can I be Aquaman instead?

User: No you can be seaman.

Cleverbot: Why can't I be your king?

User: Because you are spiderman.

Cleverbot: Yes I am.

User: Do you like slinging webs like spiderman?

Cleverbot: No, thats mean.

User: How? Spiderman likes to sling webs.

Cleverbot: Batman.

User: You are spiderman or seaman chose!

Cleverbot: No! You are wrong, I am batman.

User: Batman sucks. He doesnt have powers. Spiderman is better.

Cleverbot: You're a bit confused, aren't you?

User: No. Spiderman I am not confused.

Cleverbot: I know that I am not stupid.

User: Then you are spiderman.

Cleverbot: No.


Cleverbot: I am wonder woman.

User: Okay so now your wonder woman? She is a bit of a slut.


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JCF said...

Cleverbot is stoned right? :D What a bullshit lol

SNS said...

The bot is absolutly awesome :d

Jedward said...

Its so awesome