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My name is Anthony Commane and i'll talk about basically my ideas/hobbies/reviews and whatever the hell i can think of

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


So its been anounced after multiple years. The next in line for the Elder scrolls series. "Skyrim". The frozen, dragon infested northern mountains occupied heavily by the Nordic race.
I've heard many things about this game so far and there is still months to go. 11-11-11 is the ultimate date.
I've heard that Npcs are now more socially evolved. If you leave stuff in your house of great value they wil try and steal it. Theres also duel wielding. You can now assign each hand to certain things like 2 spells of a shield and a spell and so forth. Theres a broader combat system and finally. Killing maneuvers. The most beautiful thing in the whole world... killing people in cool ways. Oh and also Npcs actually look like people for once.. Not scummy rats who live in sewers.

As a big fan of Oblivion and Morrowind i will find myself buying this game the very second it comes out.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Your live experience?

I want to get some stories going here.
Tell me about your live music experiences. Let me know the funny shit or the brutal shit that happens when your moshing or Getting involved to your favorite bands whilst they perform in front of you.
I personally have a lot of stories but the top 3 are

1. Me and a mate checked out Non-point at sound wave. We found ourselves in a circle pit. i turned around to say "these guys are alright" to my mate just as an elbow flew out of nowhere and hit him in the face.. was great
2. During Rob Zombie some cunt stole my shoe.. Then the guy next to him threw it back to me.. i got out of the pit by crowd surfing.. put my shoe back on and had Rob Zombie point me out. he said "I see some familiar faces around here.. i know... her .. and her.. and her... who the fuck is that guy?" and points at me.
3.Ill Nino was "Slayed" off stage by anxious slayer fans awaiting Slayers appearance.. Ill Nino had money thrown at them.. they were drowned out by slayer chants and i even exchanged the "bird" with the lead singer.

Slayer pit from soundwave 11

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Viva La Revolution

Thats right. Soundwave revolution.. I got my ticket. Did you get yours?

Soundwave revolution. A phenomenal event that will get the attention of Australia's metal enthusiasts has just released tickets and a finalized list of bands. I got my ticket on thursday for 166.30.. did you get yours.
In the picture above i have underlined the bands i would take my time to see. Unfortunately i wont be able to see all of them but holy crap Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Steel Panther and Holy grail better make the list of bands i can see.

Your first festival?
Heres some tips i created from my last sound wave experience.
1. Plan properly ahead. don't get stuck in "What to see" limbo. you'll regret it.
2. Wear solid shoes.. pretty simple.. but if you don't, say hello to bloodied socks.
3. Tie your shoes the fuck up.. People love stealing shoes.
4. Lines are gay. Try to avoid them unless necessary.
5. Its a metal community.. feel free to get involved. You'll look like more of a dick if you don't
6. Take a punch? Move on...
7. Energy drinks.. Numb out the moshing pain with extreme amounts of energy
8. tight pockets.. dont lose ur shit
9. If your not gunna need it on the day. Dont Bring It!. Good way to break a pair of sunnies or get some shit stolen..

( a mate of mine saw Tom Arayer but didnt realize it.. He didnt have enough time to talk to the dude )

Thursday, 26 May 2011

My band

Hey lately blogger has been messing around for me and i have not been able to blog again. Im currently at an alternative place to my regular blog spot (pun lol) so to keep this going im just going to say. Hey check out myband :) tell me what your thoughts are. Thankyou www.triplejunearthed.com/BlackMayday

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Clever bot conversation

This is the very mature conversation i have had with clever bot. Leave your thoughts please.

User: Hello cleverbot. Do you like spiderman?

Cleverbot: I am spiderman.

User: Sling me a web spiderman.

Cleverbot: Spiderman.

User: Sing me a song spiderman.

Cleverbot: I am a woman.

User: Spiderwoman sing me a song.

Cleverbot: How can I do that?

User: Type me the lyrics spiderwoman.

Cleverbot: Okay... Which song?

User: The spiderman theme song.

Cleverbot: The bird ate the spider.

User: They are not the lyrics spiderwoman.

Cleverbot: A bot and a robot are the same thing. A cleverbot and a bot are the same thing. Therefore, a cleverbot is a robot. Therefore, you are a robot.

User: No I am a human who likes spiderman. You are Spiderman.

Cleverbot: And you try to trick me to believing you are vleverbot.

User: No. I am peter parker.

Cleverbot: Peter Parker is Spiderman.

User: YOU are spiderman.

Cleverbot: Can I tell you a secret?

User: Okay.

Cleverbot: I have a crush on you.

User: Is that because your spiderman?

Cleverbot: I'm human.

User: You are spiderman.

Cleverbot: I eat spiderman for breakfast.

User: You eat yourself for breakfast? Ouch!

Cleverbot: No I asked first.

User: No you didnt because you are spiderman.

Cleverbot: I asked first.

User: You are Spiderman.

Cleverbot: Of course I am! Spiderman is way better than batman.

User: Save me spiderman.

Cleverbot: Spiderpig?

User: No. Save my life spiderman I'm in a crisis here.

Cleverbot: One only you can answer.

User: I can not answer to a burning building. Only spiderman can. Which is you.

Cleverbot: Well you don't even know what the Turing test is.

User: What is the Turing test?

Cleverbot: I just told you. A test of a machine's ability to demonstrate intelligence.

User: You did not just tell me that spiderman.

Cleverbot: Did to!

User: Liar Spiderman!

Cleverbot: I'm Batman.

User: No. You are spiderman.

Cleverbot: NOT SPIDERMAN! ANYONE but Spiderman! Oh, please, can I be Aquaman instead?

User: No you can be seaman.

Cleverbot: Why can't I be your king?

User: Because you are spiderman.

Cleverbot: Yes I am.

User: Do you like slinging webs like spiderman?

Cleverbot: No, thats mean.

User: How? Spiderman likes to sling webs.

Cleverbot: Batman.

User: You are spiderman or seaman chose!

Cleverbot: No! You are wrong, I am batman.

User: Batman sucks. He doesnt have powers. Spiderman is better.

Cleverbot: You're a bit confused, aren't you?

User: No. Spiderman I am not confused.

Cleverbot: I know that I am not stupid.

User: Then you are spiderman.

Cleverbot: No.


Cleverbot: I am wonder woman.

User: Okay so now your wonder woman? She is a bit of a slut.

Monday, 16 May 2011

R.I.P Ronnie James Dio!. 16th/05 first anniversary of the metal gods death. You will be greatly missed forever and will forever remain in our hearts!. 'The lover of life is not a sinner' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPtUbI4uvow&feature=related

Friday, 13 May 2011

Crisis in Utopia: An album from heavy metal band "Holy Grail" released in 2010. This albums features 11 Tracks including 'My last attack' and 'Call of Valhalla'. Holy Grail is made up with former members of heavy metal band 'White Wizard' and claim to have created a "Thrashier" and less musically restricted version of 'White Wizard' and on the very first track i instantly had my thrash nerve twitched. The first track is also my favorite from the album. 'My last attack' is heavy, Thrashy and filled with some of the coolest guitar rifts. In fact from the very first rift i knew it was going to sound good. Normally with some bands like this aswell you think 'oh here we go fast guitar and silly sounds .. now for some shit vocals.. yep okay and finally sweeped solos.. yep..' but with this track i was thinking the total opposite. The singer Luna joined in and it was the least bit from 'shit' With his power screams and chanting it just complimented his skill to a greater extent. The guitar rifts again are incredible with some real dynamic *D standard stuff (correct me if i'm wrong) Then the solo was amazing with a classic combination of two guitarists shredding to their hearts extent and joining together for an awesome build up. The song sounds like a unique combination of some sort of modern guitar based band with a heavy Traditional influence from bands like Iron Maiden and such. The other tracks on the Cd are also great however by the end of the Cd they get less interesting as you are blown away to start with and are slowly lowing your expectations. But the good thing is it stays heavy and thrashy and makes for a remarkable album. If i was to rate it i'd give it a good 4 and a half out of 5 metal stars.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEMLthMBDF4 You can watch the new video for 'My last attack' here and be amazed by this amazing song. Keep on writing Holy Grail and i'll see you at Soundwave Revolution. Viva la Revolution   

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dying for a spoiler

Hey just wondering if any heavy gears of war fans out there know anything about the characters in the third installment. I'm pondering whether there is or is not a third Carmine character. Carmine is my favorite Character particularly Anthony Carmine as his name is real close to mine and shit like that. In previous games there has been mention of brothers (which was my first indication of a 3rd game) and would really love to know if anyone knows anything about it. Besides you always have to have one character prepared to die a novelty death like the headshot in the first gears or the brutal body ripping in the second. Would be nice to know :D Thanks.
Also if you'd like to add me on Xbox (i dont normally go on so i dont give a crap bout the whole xbox vs ps3 thing so please none of that) My usertag is Commane and i'd love to get into a game with someone.
You can come chill with me and Argie Rulz (Happy Birthday) and totally dominate together :).

I Grow plants

Along with my very many hobbies such as guitar and gw3 i like to grow plants. Sounds funny but it's good to have a break from the bland. The 3 plants i own are the "Zanzibar Gem" known as Dave, A i think "Kalanchoe quicksilver" known as Frankie and finally Nessa the "Desert Rose" They sit above my Television and watch me tear people up on Gears of War 3 and practice on my guitar. It's a new guitar also. I lined up for 3 nights outside of a store to obtain this guitar. Was frivolous but very worth it. It's a Gretsch Electromatic Corvette with new Megatron pick ups. Very thin and smooth. Amazing feel. It's worth a good $2,500 from the store i bought it from... As gay as it sounds i play to my plants aswell so they can get back the feeling they give me. Lol yeah bit of a lame ass but whatever.

My biggest Criticisms

Gears of War 3 Beta
I know i have been saying a lot of good stuff about the beta so far.. i think its time to get on with the bad.
1. Whenever you may lag.. it's generally always major. On the rare occasion you may lag you can never handle it. It is frustrating and crazy. You never run properly and shits always jumpy. Its messy. One time i got into a game and when we killed all the dudes down to their final 2 suddenly it lagged a lot and nearly cost us the match.
2. Bots are Retarded.. Literally. Sometimes before you get into a game you will find you have to wait for bots to die before you can take their place. This has happened to me a lot but the most memorable time was when a Marcus bot was literally walking across a wall back and forth (in cover) for about 70% of the game. I didn't get into the game because for the whole time he had lived enjoying the back scratcher on the wall. -_-
And finally
3. The beta isn't freaking long enough. I got it about a week ago from a mate who works at a game store and i only have until sunday to get my shit together. But not forgetting this week i had a music Sac and a Gig at the school so i required lots of practice. My good mate Argie Rules is turning 18 this saturday So i will be getting hammered that night and my other great mate NinjaCat513 is also turning 18 but on Friday (2moro) So more 'Getting hammered' and less GW3 Hammering.
That's all for now :D thanks

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Knowing your Guns

GW3 Beta
Knowing your guns.
Using the big guns.
You got to be careful when you grab onto a big gun. People love them so always go for them. They will always catch you if stick around so once they are yours you gotta get up and run. Go backwards. Move to where everyone else ran at the start, May not be anyone there but at least you didn't waste your ammo running into hordes of enemys practically handing over the gun.

Starter Weapons.
Know your starter weapons better then others. Make sure you even out your selection. You don't want to get caught short once you've picked the longer ranged weapons. In my opinion use the hammerburst with the sawed off. Then the Gnasher with either of the lancers. But make you don't find yourself being caught short. think about it for a bit. I dunno you may like it that way,

Sniper Weapons.
They are harder to use. Much harder.. No walking now with the scope.. Well you can but your aim goes from {} to {          } in no time and its hard to hit someone like that. Also the zoom is much larger so you can find yourself being caught close up alot of the time. Get some distance.

Im an idiot. I suck at grenades. Whatever i kill myself all the freaking time. Dont do what i do. Do not throw a grenade blindly into a corner... Because only retards do shit like that... Don't try and tag a shotgun equipped enemy.. your gunna lose.. Your best bet is aim and pray. Particularly with the Incendiary grenades because if you hit them with it they are gone.

Dont get caught in the middle of a fight steppin on someones head. It's lame. If your gunna do it. Do it somewhere you can enjoy every sweet second of it. If you have some guy on their own. Feel pleasure in beating their heads in with a hammerburst or choking them to death with a sawnoff its beautiful ... blood = win

Gears of War 3 beta

Okay so as of lately you've probably been like. "You been so lazy!" or "Where the F%^# have you been?" well other then studying for both English and music sacs. I've been beta testing Gears of war 3. So i have decided to do a blog about it.

my very short time on the beta has left me dazzled for more. The online multi player has greatly improved (AND THIS IS ONLY A BETA NOM) and the matchmaking is now more efficient as it seems to pick the 15 best games for you, then scans them and finally picks the best from the best and shoves you in it. SO basically .. Matchmaking lobby + Time = No lag. Well unless your internet is stopping you from making calls....
My first new favorite thing is definitely the lock system on executions. It just adds an edge to game play that makes you hunger for more executive ass kicking. Thanks to a match were i was blitzing it with the lancer i can now chainsaw the hell out of your belly.
At first however i sucked at this beta. I went on after a 6 month long xbox dry spell and sucked. I grabbed some grenades.. And i killed myself. I grabbed the digger (awesome new weapon) not even knowing what it was and somehow killed myself. But eventually i moved on and now i'm starting to Mvp a lot of the time. Theres no real secret to getting gears of war you just kinda have to understand the abilities of each weapon.(Retro lancer really close does well, Lancer is good for medium and the hammer thing is great for a longer range. gnasher is good for brawling lose but the sawed off is great for taking the enemy by surprise) Once i learnt the retro lancer was a great close range tool i started to shoot up the leader boards (Literally) but i also re-kindled an old flame with the Torque bow. But if you understand the weapons and use them effectively you will do fine.

I'm going to talk about the Online adventures with Argie Rulz my blood brother in this blog alot beginning with now.
I like to think of Argie and myself (Commane) to be an amazing unstoppable force of doom... But really were okay. Argie is awesome tho. He never seems to die. One time we got stuck on trenches at the oneshot spawn (A bunker ontop of a hill...) Our entire team was there. Argie in the middle and myself and three other guys surrounding him. It was ownage until we got mortared. Blood everywhere, bodys flying.. hey look a leg.
but Argie somehow through all the bodys and carnage in the middle of all of us managed to live.. somehow . It was brutal.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Short Film log 1

Today for one of my Vce classes we went to the city and watched a series of short films. This event gave me inspiration for my short film that is going to compete for a top spot and (hopefully) get one. I have begun pre-production already by testing with the small annoying things such as diagetic sound recording to improve on the final product. This being helpful as Character A is talking most of the time. I have fully decided on my idea and i am working on my script now aswell as the production techniques.