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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Viva La Revolution

Thats right. Soundwave revolution.. I got my ticket. Did you get yours?

Soundwave revolution. A phenomenal event that will get the attention of Australia's metal enthusiasts has just released tickets and a finalized list of bands. I got my ticket on thursday for 166.30.. did you get yours.
In the picture above i have underlined the bands i would take my time to see. Unfortunately i wont be able to see all of them but holy crap Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Steel Panther and Holy grail better make the list of bands i can see.

Your first festival?
Heres some tips i created from my last sound wave experience.
1. Plan properly ahead. don't get stuck in "What to see" limbo. you'll regret it.
2. Wear solid shoes.. pretty simple.. but if you don't, say hello to bloodied socks.
3. Tie your shoes the fuck up.. People love stealing shoes.
4. Lines are gay. Try to avoid them unless necessary.
5. Its a metal community.. feel free to get involved. You'll look like more of a dick if you don't
6. Take a punch? Move on...
7. Energy drinks.. Numb out the moshing pain with extreme amounts of energy
8. tight pockets.. dont lose ur shit
9. If your not gunna need it on the day. Dont Bring It!. Good way to break a pair of sunnies or get some shit stolen..

( a mate of mine saw Tom Arayer but didnt realize it.. He didnt have enough time to talk to the dude )

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