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Thursday, 12 May 2011

My biggest Criticisms

Gears of War 3 Beta
I know i have been saying a lot of good stuff about the beta so far.. i think its time to get on with the bad.
1. Whenever you may lag.. it's generally always major. On the rare occasion you may lag you can never handle it. It is frustrating and crazy. You never run properly and shits always jumpy. Its messy. One time i got into a game and when we killed all the dudes down to their final 2 suddenly it lagged a lot and nearly cost us the match.
2. Bots are Retarded.. Literally. Sometimes before you get into a game you will find you have to wait for bots to die before you can take their place. This has happened to me a lot but the most memorable time was when a Marcus bot was literally walking across a wall back and forth (in cover) for about 70% of the game. I didn't get into the game because for the whole time he had lived enjoying the back scratcher on the wall. -_-
And finally
3. The beta isn't freaking long enough. I got it about a week ago from a mate who works at a game store and i only have until sunday to get my shit together. But not forgetting this week i had a music Sac and a Gig at the school so i required lots of practice. My good mate Argie Rules is turning 18 this saturday So i will be getting hammered that night and my other great mate NinjaCat513 is also turning 18 but on Friday (2moro) So more 'Getting hammered' and less GW3 Hammering.
That's all for now :D thanks


JCF said...

Well the lag only appears because of your internet connection I guess? And that the beta is limitied is nothin new. Medal of Honor had only a 6 days open beta when I remember correctly.

SNS said...

It gives me second thoughts about getting it, but it's just a beta :)

A-Commane said...

JCF, i have an open Nat and run through cat 6 cables i don't normally have issues i think i mentioned it doesnt happen often

TheGuy said...

It's a beta, so there'd be still quite a few bugs to iron out or glitches to fix. Hopefully the retail copy will solve those issues.