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Thursday, 31 March 2011

What am i doing to kill time?

Thats what im doing to kill time!
steve and myself and two other random dudes joined up and got well over Average (on the 5th try)
but thats because some guy called Ryan was not even moving on the "Click the numbers in order" section
however if you are Savvy enough to get mates to join in i suggest playing this very unique and awesome
team building game.
basically you start up.. some voice is like HEY WHATSUP BRUDDAH not really.. some robotic sounding chick..
then you go into a grid of 4. and you need to keep the next person across or up from you alive. but carefull of the person behind you also.
Great fun. Next round u click on numbers in order with your friends.. Fair easy but 


Janez said...

I'm checking it out right now

Claude said...

Sounds cool, gonna be checking this out for sure!

Triper said...

It's good way to kill some time :)