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Monday, 4 April 2011


So this weekend, My band (Black Mayday) and I played a small gig down at a nearby community hall. This gig is known as "Youthfest" the second annual youthfest in fact. A vast range of other bands played today but the day seemed to favor the community hall where my band played along with our brother band Mooselounge. The day occured very quickly. We got food, f#$%ed around and enjoyed the mild weather until we had to play. We followed a band known as 'The Lesson'. They didn't seem to be getting a good crowd but they had some great songs. When we appeared on stage the room seemed to have suddenly filled to at least 50 people maybe even more. It seemed like all our friends we had invited decided to come. We opened with 'Perspectives' then played 'Hundred year war' then had a drum and bass jam and finally we played our new and untitled song which apparently had the best reception with the crowd out of our set. Mooselounge played straight after us with presumably the same turnout of people. I found Mooselounge's set to be particularly enjoyable as not only did they play the amazing groovy/rock songs of their own. They played covers also. It made my day when Rodney and myself held each other by the neck and head banged in front of approximately 50 folks.

All in all the performance side of the day was basic and good.

The other live music was also very average, However one band really stuck out. Stonefield the band (all girl 70's style music) stuck out incredibly as they played some amazing pieces of re-created 70's art. They played 'A whole lotta love' by 'Led Zeppelin'. It was possibly one of the most enjoyable covers of the song i have heard to date. To make it better their youngest member the bassist was doing the Amon amarth style windmill headbang. I would have jumped up to join in but some random indie dudes had themselves a comical dance off that had almost made satire of Stonefield's set. My favorite song of theirs however was 'Drowning' the rhythm i could hear just happened to have been the most enjoyable of the half set i managed to catch.

Along with the music the day offered other things such as free food and showbags and instructional contraceptive devices. All in all it was a spectacular day and it was well enjoyed by myself and hopefully the friends i had spent it with, i hope people enjoyed my bands set and good luck to Stonefield in the future.

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