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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Knowing your Guns

GW3 Beta
Knowing your guns.
Using the big guns.
You got to be careful when you grab onto a big gun. People love them so always go for them. They will always catch you if stick around so once they are yours you gotta get up and run. Go backwards. Move to where everyone else ran at the start, May not be anyone there but at least you didn't waste your ammo running into hordes of enemys practically handing over the gun.

Starter Weapons.
Know your starter weapons better then others. Make sure you even out your selection. You don't want to get caught short once you've picked the longer ranged weapons. In my opinion use the hammerburst with the sawed off. Then the Gnasher with either of the lancers. But make you don't find yourself being caught short. think about it for a bit. I dunno you may like it that way,

Sniper Weapons.
They are harder to use. Much harder.. No walking now with the scope.. Well you can but your aim goes from {} to {          } in no time and its hard to hit someone like that. Also the zoom is much larger so you can find yourself being caught close up alot of the time. Get some distance.

Im an idiot. I suck at grenades. Whatever i kill myself all the freaking time. Dont do what i do. Do not throw a grenade blindly into a corner... Because only retards do shit like that... Don't try and tag a shotgun equipped enemy.. your gunna lose.. Your best bet is aim and pray. Particularly with the Incendiary grenades because if you hit them with it they are gone.

Dont get caught in the middle of a fight steppin on someones head. It's lame. If your gunna do it. Do it somewhere you can enjoy every sweet second of it. If you have some guy on their own. Feel pleasure in beating their heads in with a hammerburst or choking them to death with a sawnoff its beautiful ... blood = win


JCF said...

Didn't really read thorugh your post sorry. But it reminds me that I have to play GoW 2... I bought it but didnt touch it since then lol

MarkeeTeeVee said...

I wanna buy this game =/