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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dying for a spoiler

Hey just wondering if any heavy gears of war fans out there know anything about the characters in the third installment. I'm pondering whether there is or is not a third Carmine character. Carmine is my favorite Character particularly Anthony Carmine as his name is real close to mine and shit like that. In previous games there has been mention of brothers (which was my first indication of a 3rd game) and would really love to know if anyone knows anything about it. Besides you always have to have one character prepared to die a novelty death like the headshot in the first gears or the brutal body ripping in the second. Would be nice to know :D Thanks.
Also if you'd like to add me on Xbox (i dont normally go on so i dont give a crap bout the whole xbox vs ps3 thing so please none of that) My usertag is Commane and i'd love to get into a game with someone.
You can come chill with me and Argie Rulz (Happy Birthday) and totally dominate together :).