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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Gears of War 3 beta

Okay so as of lately you've probably been like. "You been so lazy!" or "Where the F%^# have you been?" well other then studying for both English and music sacs. I've been beta testing Gears of war 3. So i have decided to do a blog about it.

my very short time on the beta has left me dazzled for more. The online multi player has greatly improved (AND THIS IS ONLY A BETA NOM) and the matchmaking is now more efficient as it seems to pick the 15 best games for you, then scans them and finally picks the best from the best and shoves you in it. SO basically .. Matchmaking lobby + Time = No lag. Well unless your internet is stopping you from making calls....
My first new favorite thing is definitely the lock system on executions. It just adds an edge to game play that makes you hunger for more executive ass kicking. Thanks to a match were i was blitzing it with the lancer i can now chainsaw the hell out of your belly.
At first however i sucked at this beta. I went on after a 6 month long xbox dry spell and sucked. I grabbed some grenades.. And i killed myself. I grabbed the digger (awesome new weapon) not even knowing what it was and somehow killed myself. But eventually i moved on and now i'm starting to Mvp a lot of the time. Theres no real secret to getting gears of war you just kinda have to understand the abilities of each weapon.(Retro lancer really close does well, Lancer is good for medium and the hammer thing is great for a longer range. gnasher is good for brawling lose but the sawed off is great for taking the enemy by surprise) Once i learnt the retro lancer was a great close range tool i started to shoot up the leader boards (Literally) but i also re-kindled an old flame with the Torque bow. But if you understand the weapons and use them effectively you will do fine.

I'm going to talk about the Online adventures with Argie Rulz my blood brother in this blog alot beginning with now.
I like to think of Argie and myself (Commane) to be an amazing unstoppable force of doom... But really were okay. Argie is awesome tho. He never seems to die. One time we got stuck on trenches at the oneshot spawn (A bunker ontop of a hill...) Our entire team was there. Argie in the middle and myself and three other guys surrounding him. It was ownage until we got mortared. Blood everywhere, bodys flying.. hey look a leg.
but Argie somehow through all the bodys and carnage in the middle of all of us managed to live.. somehow . It was brutal.


SNS said...

Always loved that game, i look foward to the commercial release.

Nice post :)

TheGuy said...

I wasn't really a huge fan of Gears of War, but I didn't dislike it either; although, if it's improved as much as you say then it might be worth playing some more. Unfortunately, I now lack a 360 right now.