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Friday, 13 May 2011

Crisis in Utopia: An album from heavy metal band "Holy Grail" released in 2010. This albums features 11 Tracks including 'My last attack' and 'Call of Valhalla'. Holy Grail is made up with former members of heavy metal band 'White Wizard' and claim to have created a "Thrashier" and less musically restricted version of 'White Wizard' and on the very first track i instantly had my thrash nerve twitched. The first track is also my favorite from the album. 'My last attack' is heavy, Thrashy and filled with some of the coolest guitar rifts. In fact from the very first rift i knew it was going to sound good. Normally with some bands like this aswell you think 'oh here we go fast guitar and silly sounds .. now for some shit vocals.. yep okay and finally sweeped solos.. yep..' but with this track i was thinking the total opposite. The singer Luna joined in and it was the least bit from 'shit' With his power screams and chanting it just complimented his skill to a greater extent. The guitar rifts again are incredible with some real dynamic *D standard stuff (correct me if i'm wrong) Then the solo was amazing with a classic combination of two guitarists shredding to their hearts extent and joining together for an awesome build up. The song sounds like a unique combination of some sort of modern guitar based band with a heavy Traditional influence from bands like Iron Maiden and such. The other tracks on the Cd are also great however by the end of the Cd they get less interesting as you are blown away to start with and are slowly lowing your expectations. But the good thing is it stays heavy and thrashy and makes for a remarkable album. If i was to rate it i'd give it a good 4 and a half out of 5 metal stars.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEMLthMBDF4 You can watch the new video for 'My last attack' here and be amazed by this amazing song. Keep on writing Holy Grail and i'll see you at Soundwave Revolution. Viva la Revolution   


SNS said...

This seems to be a great band

Claude said...

I like <3

hbomb said...

i cant wait to see these guys at soundwave revolution. going to be so much fun tearing up that mosh pit XD